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Originally Posted by Vinyl Turnip View Post
One thing I'm curious about is why they waited until the 1970s to film a program set in the 1950s.
Originally Posted by cochrane View Post
Then why didn't they film That 70s Show back in the 70s? Why go to all that trouble of replicating 70s fashions, 70s cars, etc, when they could have saved all that money using existing locations, cars, appliances, and everything else?
The answer is obvious. Both Happy Days and That 70's Show are SOCK PUPPETS of those original decades, designed to misdirect and confound historians (and those of us simply with long memories) into being confused about what actually happened back then. Similarly Lucy Ricardo was a socket puppet created by a Hollywood mogul named Lucille Ball, through which the driven, focused business executive portrayed herself as a lovable, wacky housewife.