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a) No, it's just an observation. I may have made private moral judgements, but I have not articulated them in this thread (at least about you, rather than Kipling, O'Sullivan etc.). That's entirely on you.
b) it's irrelevant to any actual arguments I've made in this thread, of which I've made plenty.
You've articulated them, doesn't take a genius to realise that, no matter how much you deflect it.

It's not a personal attack to point out that you've already had this very thread topic debated before (and didn't come out ahead there, either).
No it wasn't, you did it to detract from the thread because you didn't like the subject matter being discussed.

A true example of how imperialism is literally theft? Yes, it is that.
When the island had nobody on it when the English took it over? Your logic strikes again.

No, it's only devil's advocate if you say that's what you're doing very clearly right at the start.
Otherwise it's just covering your butt.
Or its just devils advocate.

The harder you try and make the argumentum ad passiones fallacy happen, the less and less it will.
That's contingent on me having a position on the subject matter. Which I don't and which you assumed I did.

Yep. That's why I waited 2 pages and 10 posts in to spring my antagonistic trap.

Who said your antagonisms followed a pattern of rationality?

>Where have I cited South Africa or my personal experience in any response to you, other than to note being South African doesn't negate e.g. my geography and history university courses.? You're the one who keeps bringing it up.
Because I know your family had problems with their land being stolen and I remember you talking about it in another thread. I'm talking about the concept of all Empire being based on theft and obviously it would hit a raw nerve. Doesn't take much to make that leap.

As though somehow having lived experience of the effects of Imperialism in a colonized country gives me less standing to talk about it. Which is of course laughable.
Where have I implied or stated this, you're annoying me because you're coming at me as if I'm justifying theft.

But by all means, continue pushing your "angry Brown man" narrative. It's so fresh.
It's more an 'angry Mr Dibble' narrative.

Failure to actually cite any "antagonistic" quotes of mine from those posts duly noted.
I already did, Rah rah imperialism and then linking three different threads about my previous questions on the nature of imperialism land (Including one thread from ten years ago) etc to completely derail and break down the discussion before it had really got going.

No, it's an observation that you start various threads on the subject "exploring" the topic through the exclusive medium of very vigorous defense.
It's called Great Debates, how is anyone supposed to change or see a differing opinion if they're derailed the minute someone poses a question like you're doing in my thread?

It was hard to tell, what with all the defending you were doing...
You mean the preconcieved notions you had of me and then reinforced them by defecating all over my thread? You're doing a great job.

I hate to break it to you, but ... that's debate, mate.
You're not debating anything, you're just here to spoil the thread, make ad hominem attacks "mate"

Having said that, it's clear it's just going to be a alternating parade of ad hominem attacks and bare assertions that "Obvious Theft isn't theft" from here on out, so I'm going to leave you to it, then. Have fun advocating those devils...
Took you long enough.
If you can read this signature, you've scrubbed too hard.

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