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Originally Posted by Sarabellum View Post
I liked MK8 more than MK Wii.

A lot, lot more.

I regularly drag out my WiiU to play MK8, Super Mario 3DWorld, or Nintendoland. Do not remember the last time I got the Wii out for any reason.

Nintendoland would be my recommendation for multiplayer fun on the WiiU. You can get a copy in the WiiU eShop, though I'm not sure how much they may have relaxed their prices these days. There's nothing else quite like it, and it will likely never be ported due to controller differences between the Switch and the WiiU.

I do know you can get both Mario Galaxy games for $20 each in the WiiU eShop. They are both outstanding for that price. There were a few other good first-party titles on WiiU like Captain Toad, Pikmin 3, and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, tho most of the good stuff has already been ported over to Switch.

MK Wii always seemed kind of weak to me. The online capabilities are gone now, also. I especially hated the motion control aspect of it.

Maybe it's time to get yourself a Switch?
Nintendoland came with our Wii U and we have played it a bunch.

I've thought about Super Mario World 3D. My library has it and I kind of want to grab it and play it.