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Going to Spurs-Hornets tomorrow!

(Both MJ and LBJ would destroy these teams, regardless of rule set.)

Guys, I still feel that if you took 12 1993-era MJ's and 12 2013-era LBJ's in a best of 7, MJ's would win.

I also still think the MJ vs LBJ discussion wasn't what was asked by the OP. And if I had to rank quality of opponents, I would say that MJ had the worse of it at the beginning of his career (started amazingly difficult and got easier into the late 90s) and LBJ had the worse of it nearing the end of his career (started off relatively easy, but then got worse when Durant, Westbrook, Curry, etc improved).

One thing in LBJ's favor: he dominated in far more different eras than MJ did. LBJ went from the hand-check ISO ball era of Iverson and early Bryant to the "lob it from 30 feet and fuxk the midrange shot" era of Thompson and Curry. MJ did not.

Though, again, Jordan purposely went 6-6 from the arc in a first half of a Finals game, so the man could make threes if that's what the style of the game... or his thirst for vengeance... demanded.

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