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Originally Posted by Zakalwe View Post
Asking with no agenda, except that I don't know:

Are flight plans approved by the FAA or just filed with the FAA? If the former, doesn't the FAA have access to the same met reports the pilot does?
Just filed. There's no one looking over a pilot's shoulder on those, it is the pilot's responsibility to plan a safe flight. Sure, after an accident or incident the FAA or NTSB will look up the weather records.

Originally Posted by Zakalwe View Post
IWouldn't somebody say, "Uhhh...dude, about your VFR flight plan. Met says clouds down to 800 and less than 2 miles visibility. So, IFR or Uber, your call."
No one is telling pilots "IFR or Uber". Pilots fly aircraft, not ATC. ATC will tell you "VFR flight is not advised at this time" but that's the extent of it.