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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
Can I get everybody's opinion on how many gigastations to build at a time? I originally waited until I had at least 100 Warpstations before building them, and always bought the max amount. However, the Reddit forums recommend something entirely different.
Your strategy should aim for one main goal - that you end your run with no GS and that you use your last GS 1-2 zones before the end. If you do that then you've maximized fully your potential of GSs.

To achieve that you need 2 things - a starting point and a delta. The starting point is the number of WSs you need to build before beying your first GS. The delta determines how much this amount increases for each consecutive GS.

Those 2 numbers can change a lot as your He increases. For example early in the game you can start with at 10 with a +1 delta. Then you slowly raise your starting point until you find that you can do much more. Lets say you've reached 25 and +1 delta and you think 25 is already too late to begin. Then you switch to 15 and +2. And you keep adapting those numbers according to how your last run went.
So this one recommends buying 1 GS at 10 WSs, then 2 at 20 WSs, correct? Do you want to restart your WSs at 1 each time you buy GSs?
I think "10 with a +1 delta" means you buy 10 WS, then a GS. Then 11 WS, then a GS. Then 12 WS... . But you can adjust at any time if it seems too hard or too easy to buy the next WS.

When I was at that stage of the game, I wasted way too much time trying to maximize my population (and thus coordination) on each run. It's probably best not to spend a ridiculous amount of time for a single WS, unless maybe you're almost out of GS and 1 extra WS will earn you a coordination.