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Originally Posted by Jas09 View Post
As a Chiefs fan I was very happy he decided to pass on 2nd and 5 (and then again on 3rd and 5) with 5 and half minutes left and a lead. Mostert was at nearly 5yd/carry at that point, so I was pretty shocked they didn't just keep grinding it out. It's almost like the change in momentum made him call plays like he was behind instead of ahead.
This, exactly. Mostert had just run for five yards. If he carries twice more and gets a first down with about 4 1/2 minutes to go, KC probably has to start using timeouts. And then it gets really dicey for the Chiefs.

In fairness, however, on the 2nd and 5 play, Kittle was wide open for an easy first down. Chris Jones batted down the pass, which forced another pass on 3rd and 5, which wasn't close because of a KC blitz that almost got to the QB. That was the FIRST 3 and out for the KC defense. And then KC got the ball back with over five minutes to go.