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Some analysis here which could affect future moves, so the players may want to avoid reading it for now:

I certainly wouldn't say your move was wrong, but I'd have been tempted to play ...c5, to try and give my dark-squared bishop a bit more scope. Also, as a general rule, if your opponent is pushing forward on the flanks, opening up the centre can be a reasonable response. It also avoids shutting the bishop in. But I really have no idea if this is the right plan here.

I did also wonder about ...g6 and ...Bh6, with the aim of exchanging dark-squared bishops, but Black's very white-squared pawn structure put me off that idea (as well as the time it would take) - I'd be concerned about dark-square weakness after that manoeuvre, even with White's dark-squared bishop off the board. Plus White can easily avoid the exchange with f4 or Nd2.

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