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Originally Posted by FoieGrasIsEvil View Post
The way that 1st half ended bugged me. I felt that was one of those "back and forth handsies" between Kittle and the defender and that the ref should have kept the flag in his pocket. It completely altered the game. So then the anticlimactic kneel down happens, J-Lo time.

I had no dog in the hunt other than rooting for a good game and for Mahomes to play well, which I got, but...IDK man. Didn't like that penalty.
It was back and forth handsies...until just before the ball arrived and Kittle extended his arm, which held off the defender and gave Kittle a small boost to get to the ball.

However, it probably shouldn't have been called. I've seen worse that haven't been called. And I'm speaking as a Chiefs fan.