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Couldn't comment before now 'cause I had to hash through a bunch of emotional stuff. (Not video game-related, don't worry. ) Not a whole lot to say about the game itself. Chiefs complete their once-in-a-lifetime nobody-can-freaking-finish-the-job-against-them miracle season we've seen with the '95 Houston Rockets, the Rally Monkey Anaheim Angels, the first New England Patriots championship, and more recently the Washington Capitals, Washington Nationals, and Toronto Raptors, and...I have absolutely no idea if I should feel good or bad about this. Is this a team that deserves it more than, say, the Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, or Atlanta Falcons? I just don't know. Yeah, I've harped (rightfully! ) on the Tomahawk Chop, but I don't see that getting any more insufferable than it's always been. Andy Reid may have had his detractors, but c'mon, he wasn't in the same doghouse as, say, Barry Switzer. Times like this I look to the negative to judge (which I don't enjoy doing, honest!), but there isn't much there either. This isn't like when the Patriots choked away the perfect season and now we have to hear about '72 Dolphins for the next 500 years, or when the Bills lost four in a row and we got several thousand horrible jokes on TV (oh, and putting all the blame on Scott Norwood, that was a nice bonus ), or when the Bengals blew what turned out to be their one and only chance, or when the Falcons blew what turned out to be their two and only chances. The 49ers have five Super Bowls; they can deal with a few second places. About the only bad thing I can potentially see is Kyle Shanahan becoming a complete pariah, but every NFL coach understands life ain't fair and he can go at any time.

So...yeah. Go sports.

However, I do want to comment on the two things I did kinda-sorta care about, to wit.

Huh. So I guess if you make an utterly hackneyed, pointless ad campaign about an utterly bogus "tragedy" centered around a fictional character no one with any sense gives a crap about, and a completely unexpected real-life tragedy derails the stupid payoff you were planning for the Super Bowl that no one with any sense will give a tenth of a crap about, coming up with a slightly different stupid payoff that no with any sense will give a tenth of a crap about is an acceptable response! I'm expecting absolutely zero fallout from this, of course, but in a sense it's comforting that Planters was able to weather the extremely mild shower without blowing a gasket or completely wimping out. In these trouble times, I appreciate when a major corporation shows some good sense.

That said, a bit too salty for me. I'm more of a Sweet Salty Nut guy.

(Only [very mild] gripe: No idea who the backup singers were, and not a word about them. C'mon, even Wyclef Jean got a credit.)

One thing kept coming to mind while I was watching Shakira and Jennifer Lopez...damn, can these latina performers multitask or what? Singing, and posing, and gyrating, and prop work, and costume changes, and remembering all the words (no mean feat given that most singers aren't used to singing just a few lines from each song), and avoiding all the other bodies on the stage...and throw in a pole twirl and a stage dive on top of that? This is by far the most impressive stage performance of any kind I've seen in recent memory, and that includes Jesus Christ Superstar. Big thumbs-up! Would very gladly buy a DVD of a full concert!

I also gotta ask...doing such high-energy routines at their age? I remember being in college when Shakira first hit it huge; I'm pretty sure the first album I ever saw of her was in a Borders Books and Music. On the 6 was released in 1999. A lot of time has passed since their peak, and yet they were able to get through a very active and pretty dang long halftime show without the slightest hiccup. I don't remember a time when I ever had that kind of physical prowess!

And that's about all I got. Only 18 days until the start of American Ninja Warrior Junior 2!