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I'm trying to remember if it had documentation-based copy protection, the way a number of the later Infocom games did. (For example, in Leather Goddesses of Phobos, you had to type in something like "Kweepa" at some point every 11 turns or so; you only know this if you read the comic book that comes with the game.)

Here's a clue:
Don't forget your toothbrush when you leave Earth - otherwise, you might end up stuck in the game forever.
At some point, Marvin asks you for something, and it'll be something you don't have if he can.

Here's another, which is something I didn't like about the game:
There is a location where it lists the directions you can go in, but if you choose one of them, it says, "We were only kidding about (being able to go there), and IIRC, you actually have to go in a direction not listed.
There is also one where you have to type in "look" more than once before you actually find what you need.