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A bad, bad, bad Sing-song Sunday in the Wrek house!

My 1/2 bath toilet has been singing for a week. You know, that watery song that sez the guts ain't workin' good.
My Siamese cat's are disturbed by this. That bathroom is theirs. (I let guests use it to, it's impeccably clean, I promise)

I told Big Wrek a week ago. I told Big Wrek 3 days ago. I told Big Wrek I was calling Mr.Otis, the drunken overpriced plumber who charges double on the weekends.
That resulted in a new vigor to fix said toilet on Sunday morning. Since he came in about 1am, I'm sure he has a slight hangover.
At 9am I hear him cussing at the toilet. Cat's are in the beams.
At 10am he's calling Son-of-a-wrek, who has a hangover as well. That results in a argument as to whether the toilet needs replacing (20 years old)
I stuck my head in and said, I can still call Mr.Otis. "Nooooooooo!!!" they said in unison.
Hah! My evil plan worked.
I'm getting a new toilet.
They are at Home Depot.
Stayed tuned for hilarity......