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I was a big fan of THE WILD, WILD, WEST and BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON, and I also liked him in CENTENNIAL. But I recall him playing a bit part as an overly aggressive senior military advisor in some movie from the 80’s or 90’s. I cannot recall if the movie was a comedy or not—but his character was most certainly a cartoonish, two dimensional attempt at humor. After admiring his serious tough guy roles, I remember I got a kick out of this general he played being ignored when he wanted to solve every problem with more firepower! He also claimed to have these tidbits of tactical intelligence that could not be actual information: “has dinner with his mother every Tuesday night..” or “ … yes sir, chronic masturbator with a Napoleon Complex”. You want to take him seriously because of his previous roles and playing it straight presence in the role but he became too absurd. It was just funny because he was making fun of his tough guy roles with such earnestness.

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