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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
Egypt is concerned over a dam being built on the Nile by Ethiopia which may reduce their water supply. Negotiations are ongoing.

So no matter if the dam came on line at all or not there will be water shortages and significant problems in Egypt soon and they will get worse.

Is there any chance that Egypt won't blame Ethiopia for them and that conflict won't break out, such as a strike on the dam? Is there any doubt that when the hot dry hits Ethiopia would use the water for its own desperate needs?
Why Global Warming certainly plays a role, the problem of Egypt's eroding coastline is more due to the Aswan dam and how it prevent silt from being deposited at the Delta.

Originally Posted by Jasmine View Post
Well, the planet's eroding environment coupled with what is apparently an out-of-control and steady planet wide population increase doesn't bode well for the future. It's difficult not to envision those kinds of conflicts in the not too distant future.

However, since war and its aftershocks of starvation and disease have always been the best forms of population control, the populations of the areas at war may decrease to the point that even the environmentally damaged area can support, thus easing tensions and ending the war. On the other hand, if the war itself further damages the environment, everyone's a loser.
Population is not, in any way, in an out-of-control increase and hasn't been for decades.