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I bought Ghosts of Saltmarsh using some gift cards in December, and I'm planning on running my kids and some of their friends through it. I like coastal/water campaigns a lot, so there's a lot of good stuff there.

Some spoilers:
-I don't particularly care for the Scarlet Brotherhood as a villain. Like Hydra, they're just too mwahahaha for my tastes. Instead, I'm replacing them with a Hot Fuzz/Innsmouth scenario; there's an old cult in town that performs secret rituals to keep the fish flowing, and also performs assassinations and other skulduggery to prevent anything from changing in town.
-The Sea Princes, a nearby pirate kingdom, don't get used much, and that feels like a lost opportunity. I'm tying them in with a lot of the smuggling: they're selling weapons to the lizardfolk and the sahaugin both, hoping to weaken Saltmarsh and its kingdom, in preparation for the inevitable war between the Sea Princes and Saltmarsh's kingdom.

I'm making some other changes, but these are the big ones.

As a player, I played through Dragon Heist. Honestly, I didn't much care for it: the city intrigue wasn't particularly intriguing, Xanathar as a villain was cartoonish, and several of the setpieces were pretty arbitrary in nature. It felt old-school and not in a particularly good way.