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Originally Posted by Wesley Clark View Post
Theoretically, money isn't an issue. My parents can afford a residential elevator, but they're kind of frugal. I could see them spending the money on a chair system, but I think they'd rather move than spend the money on a residential elevator system.

Also they also have a 2nd story on top of the basement. So they'd need an elevator that can go into the basement and upstairs too.

I think when the time comes, they may move to a one story home. But that may be 5 years from now.

As for a dumbwaiter, its kind of hard to find a quote on google. I'm seeing figures from $500 to $20,000.
Not to be bleak, but you don't want "when the time comes" to be forced by a fall. If it's only 5 years away, it sounds like the time to start planning a move is now. (Or at the very least, insisting on a chair lift.)

My mother is looking for a new place now, and I'm pushing her away from everything that's not a ranch with main floor laundry.