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If the world had access to a time machine of this type, society would quickly crumble in a sea of anarchy and criminality.

Imagine all those with evil intent who are kept in check by the fear of consequences for their actions. With a way-back machine, consequences could be easily avoided.

Want to murder someone? Go for it. If the cops start closing in on you, go back in time and start with a clean slate. Do it again if you want. Keep murdering until you get away with it. Not only does the victim in your current timeline get murdered, but all the alternate timeline victims get murdered, too. That’s a lot of murdering for one person to endure.

Personally, I would consider it excessively inconvenient to be murdered more than once.

This scenario assumes Chrono’s interpretation. In the OP version, you’d just have to commit the crime (once or multiple times) and go back further in time each time so that the consequences never catch up to you.
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