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Originally Posted by silenus View Post
It does nothing of the sort. Show me where I said California as a state would take any action whatsoever.
Originally Posted by silenus View Post
President starts getting hinky with California, then California stops exporting food to selected states that support him.
"California stops exporting food" sounds an awful lot like California, the state, taking action to me.

This entire thread is predicated on the President waging war on a state in retaliation for whatever. These actions would affect virtually everybody in said state. You don't think even Trump-loving companies wouldn't react to an assault on their livelihoods?
No, this thread is predicated on California ceasing to recognize Federal power. There's nothing about the President waging war on any particular state in the OP or subject line.

Whatever exactly 'the President waging legal war on a state means', it hasn't been defined clearly, so I was answering in the context of the OP, where it would mean something like 'the President continues doing things like gutting the EPA and cutting funds to states he doesn't like'. If it means something else, you'd need to define it - especially since you seem on one hand to be treating it like actual warfare involving the military, but in other places think it's clearly less since arresting a company and seizing assets for violating law would be a huge escalation.

As for Google, who knows? If Trump's stormtroopers acted to seize Google's assets, it would signal an escalation that would make Fort Sumter look like a kiddy spat in the sandbox. At that point we are so far down the rabbit hole of fascism that any action against the Feds is justified.
The US government has arrested executives and seized the assets of companies breaking the law without it being 'an escalation that would make Fort Sumter look like a kiddy spat in the sandbox'. It's a pretty routine law enforcement action if a company is blatantly violating federal law and has been done many times without triggering a civil war.