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Originally Posted by Alessan View Post
As someone who's terrified of rejection, I've always wondered how some people seem totally unfazed by it. Is it because they have so much self-confidence, or is is because they have so little self-esteem?
I haven't ever done the "Go up to 200 women and say 'Nice shoes- wanna fuck?'" approach, but I can say that if you ask enough women out, it's likely that two things will happen:
  • You'll have enough success to keep you trying. Plenty of women will take a chance on you for dinner/coffee, if only to get free dinner/coffee. A much smaller, but still non-zero number will probably take you up on the sex offer, especially nearer closing time.
  • You'll realize that there's just no downside to doing it- if you ask some woman for her phone number/out for coffee/romp in the hay and she says no, there's no actual consequences to asking and being refused.