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Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
If I were her I'd feel awful heading for work and seeing you outside waiting for para transit or a Lyft. Since she is not going out of her way and so long as you keep to her schedule, I don't see any problem. Definitely buy her gas. Dinner - depends on your out of work relationship. Might be taken wrong. Maybe pay for a car wash. Maybe get her appropriate thank you gifts.
Fortunately, blind people don't have to wait outside for MATA Plus. They call on arrival.

The out of work relationship is that of best friends. The work wife/husband thing started 18 years ago when we were both new hires at a different company. My bio kids call her Auntie. and she is already and will probably remain the person most likely to be called for, for instants, a late night trip to the ER, as she is literally downstairs. even if she were not driving me to the hospital in such a circumstance, she would be likely be the person opening the door for paramedics and facilitating their entrance into the building. She is also the second choice for babysitting duties, as my bio kids are her god-kids. and she introduced me to the new girlfriend, just as I said her up with her current wife.

In other words, our lives are already very entangled.
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