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Originally Posted by Skald the Rhymer View Post

In other words, our lives are already very entangled.
Dude....Freakin Aslan called. How he got my number is not entirely clear. Transcript follows:

A: <unintelligible> Fool of a Took! <muttering>

O: I beg your pardon?

A: Let's dispense with formalities, Oak. I need you to do something.

O: You know I....don't play for your team.

A: That's why it has to be you. My team currently has it's head up it's collective ass.

O: Yeah, the Nehimiah Scudder Wannabe dude. I get it. Bob was suppose to edit him out, dammit. Anyway, what up

A: Your buddy Skald is being a Muggle. You need to tell him to stop it, and let the lady help. It's something she needs to sodo.

O: A'ight. But I ain't giving back my key to his Secret Lair. Peace.

A: Fly on, Freebird. I owe ya one.

So [B]Skald[/B, listen to the Big Cat. She needs to do this. Let her--but buy some cash and the occasional happy. So mote it be.
"Yes, but that's because you're a wild human, not a tame human. The likes of you would have to be kept in a zoo, and the keepers would be very careful to never put their tentacles inside the bars"--Lemur866 describing Oak, 11/13/09
Molon labe--Leonidas I

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