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I guess it depends on expectations. What we expect from a marriage seems unrealistic, especially when we're young. Smart, emotionally stable people are more practical about it.

Too many people conflate contentedness with happiness. You don't have to be wildly happy 24/7, whatever you conceive that to be. Rather, you need a sense of contentedness with what you have built relationship-wise, and how you and your partner team up to build a life. Affection, respect, and contentedness will increase durability.

It's not going to be sex toys and celebrations all of the time. Do you like each other? Do you trust your partner to do the right thing? Is your partner a reasonably competent person? Do you look forward to sharing experiences with your partner, such as travel, discovery, and the like?

My guess is: It depends. The longer you stay married, the better the chance that you will remain married. Overall, I'm going with 60% across life. Maybe higher.