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Turn the Astros into the Green Bay Packers

I think that the Green Bay Packers are onto something with their ownership structure but that structure is banned for any other NFL team and is hard to implement for any other professional team.

I think it would be a positive development to force the Astros owners to sell the team in a public offering to Houston residents. The shares would pay no dividends or proffer any rights other than bragging rights (and the right to vote for an unpaid board of directors). All excess profits derived by the team go to local charities. This is what the packers do and I think their structure should be emulated, not banned.

If it turns out the Red Sox cheated, then make them sell their team too. Frankly, I'd like to see this happen with all teams eventually. This makes the whole stadium issue much more palatable and gets rid of shitty owners (which to be honest is most of them).

I think that ownership of sports teams by billionaires that use their franchise to coerce their local governments into subsidizing their ever increasing billions is horrible.

The MLB right now is plagued by several teams that don't even try. They are constantly cutting payroll and are acting almost like a AAAA farm team for the rest of the league and still making buckets of money with revenue sharing. Their owners are perfectly content to be raking in billions of dollars, the fans would want to win.