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Originally Posted by Ukulele Ike View Post
Genius take on Verne vs. Wells (bonus! Itís a comic!):
Close to the truth, although Wells generally DID do his homework. With First Men in the Moon, though, he wasn't even trying. Plus, he copied the idea of the "anti gravity sphere" as a way of getting to the moon from several authors who had preceded him.

Here's the other trope:

Invisibility. Wells wrote The Invisible Man in 1897. Verne's The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz is also about a mad scientist who creates an invisibility serum, and was published in 1910. The published version, like many of his later stories, was heavily rewritten by his son Michel, who changed the setting to the 18th century. Verne's original version was published in 2011 in English translation. Even in the original, it's pretty disappointing Verne. He seems to have been copying Wells' idea -- Verne certainly did copy ideas from other writers, too -- but without any scientific justification (not even the one Wells used). That's pretty atypical of Verne. His son's changing the story's date might have been a weird attempt to distance this book from Wells', although Michel had switched the date of his father's stories before.
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