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I don't know the answer to the OP, but have a replacement window question of my own and wonder if the knowledgeable people who respond to this thread might have some info on that as well.

My issue with my windows is not so much with the windows themselves, but with their installation. The way they were connected to the house is they have a vinyl frame which is wider than the windows themselves, and this was nailed into the house from the outside (with the nails perpendicular to the window panes). Problem is that some of the nails came loose, as nails do, and in those cases the windows are no longer pressed flush against the sheathing. When it rains hard, there is leaking though these spaces.

I believe the correct way to have installed them would have been to also screw them in from the inside (with the screws parallel to the windows panes. There are holes on the inside of the frame - I believe the idea was to put screws through these holes). But that wasn't done.

At any rate, the question now is about potentially replacing or at least reinstalling them. The problem is that the outer frame through which the nails went is covered by vinyl siding. Is it possible to pull back the siding and replace/reinstall the windows, or is that a massive undertaking?

Someone once told me that replacement windows are not like windows which one might install on a new house, and that they rely on the original outer frame and are just mounted inside that original frame and connected to it, for the very reason that the outer frame is typically covered by some form of siding. If that's correct, then replacing the windows would do nothing for me. But is that correct, or is there possibly a workaround?