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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
I know its unrealistic but the next time someone sells a team it should not be to another rich billionaire. Are the Packers especially hard for the NFL to deal with because of their ownership structure?
Not as far as I can tell, as a lifelong Packer fan. Their "ownership" is substantially more stable than that of a lot of teams -- they don't get sold to a new owner every so often (see: Browns, Jaguars, Vikings), nor do they plod through years of uncertainty when the owner dies and there winds up being years of uncertainty about how team ownership will play out (see: Broncos, Saints).

They have a board of directors, an executive committee, and a team president, the latter of whom acts in the role of "owner" at league meetings.

Also, I would posit that certain owners (Jerry Jones, Al Davis when he was alive) cause the league a lot more heartburn than the Packers' senior management ever has.

About the only downside I can picture for the NFL is the fact that, as a public corporation, the Packers publish their financials every year (the only major North American sports team to do so). Those finanicals might possibly give the public a level of insight into the financial operations of the league that the NFL might rather not be public.