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Originally Posted by kenobi 65 View Post
Not as far as I can tell, as a lifelong Packer fan. Their "ownership" is substantially more stable than that of a lot of teams -- they don't get sold to a new owner every so often (see: Browns, Jaguars, Vikings), nor do they plod through years of uncertainty when the owner dies and there winds up being years of uncertainty about how team ownership will play out (see: Broncos, Saints).

They have a board of directors, an executive committee, and a team president, the latter of whom acts in the role of "owner" at league meetings.

Also, I would posit that certain owners (Jerry Jones, Al Davis when he was alive) cause the league a lot more heartburn than the Packers' senior management ever has.

About the only downside I can picture for the NFL is the fact that, as a public corporation, the Packers publish their financials every year (the only major North American sports team to do so). Those finanicals might possibly give the public a level of insight into the financial operations of the league that the NFL might rather not be public.
On the other hand, if every team was like the Packers, it would be almost impossible to shake down the communities with threats of leaving. Oh, wait; that's a good thing.

I suggest we imprison all the owners and confiscate their teams. What do we need owners for?