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Originally Posted by ZonexandScout View Post
YamatoTwinkie, I get your meaning, but I'm assuming that I'm keeping the fridge closed while the power is out. After all, refrigerators DO cycle on and off. My intention would be to allow it to cycle for a period in an effort to retard the eventual thawing of frozen foods. Every few extra hours can mean I don't have to toss $$$ of food out.
Refrigerators don't just cycle for giggles. The cycles are in response to a thermostat setting, where internal temperature has increased above the setpoint. By unplugging it, all you're doing is allowing internal temperature to exceed the threshold, which may or may not be above food safe temperatures depending on how long you leave it unplugged.

You could accomplish the same thing with less effort (and risk of spoilage) by just raising the fridge thermostat setting.