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@ Derleth, as someone who didn't drink coffee or caffeine beverages at all, it didn't surprise me when he suggested that. The symptoms I was getting were exactly like what I get when I have too much caffeine; shortened breath, slight anxiety, heart palpitations etc. Presumably for me that's a few cups of coffee.

@ Jasmine - You're welcome. He does a great podcast, short, explanatory and full citations. I think of it as what a Straight Dope should have been from an imparting actual knowledge & fighting ignorance perspective. Plus, because he takes it seriously - he updates and corrects older podcasts, so he doesn't promote misinformation. You'll see in the transcript he has updates to the MSG episode since he published it in December.

@ CairoCarol - listen to or read the podcast I posted, if you haven't. In 12 minutes, he explains what MSG does biologically, the history of its use, how it became vilified (which is a great story - one letter started it all plus add in the "naturalist movement" and a dose of good-old anti-asian racism) and then modern scientific consensus.