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Iíve been an Apple user since 1982, started with the IIe, then the original Mac 128, and numerous machines since then, Iíve been an Apple Authorized service tech for decades, and in all my time, Iíve only encountered ONE virus, and no viruses on customer machines, strangely enough

The virus I encountered? nVIR an old virus that was malicious up to Mac OS 8.6, it was on a floppy disc with some old SyQuest external drive extensions (drivers), my freeware antivirus app nailed it right off the bat and eliminated it

Even if the virus did make it onto my Mac**at the time, it wouldnít have done anything at all, as I was running Mac OS 9.2.2, and nVIR was incompatible with anything past Mac OS 8....

The only virus I encountered in the wild wouldnít have done anything to my rig...

** *HEAVILY* upgraded 7600 with maxed RAM, processor upgrade, nvidia video card, three internal hard drives, ZIP drive and CD-RW, a very high performance rig for the time, I even had to jury rig in three additional cooling fans to keep it running cool),
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