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Originally Posted by Colibri View Post
Not by any formal definition. The traditional definition would require your mother to be Jewish. The Law of Return is broader in accepting one Jewish grandparent, but I assume they require a named individual. Genetics is not part of the definition (because such tests didn't exist when the laws were written).

Did you read my posts above? According to the Nuremberg Laws, someone who was 1/4 Jewish was a Mischling (Mixed Race) of the second degree and eligible for German citizenship barring other factors like being a practicing Jew or married to one. You had to be 3/4 Jewish to be automatically considered a Jew.

It's possible that the Nazis used a somewhat stringent definition because they wanted to include only those who were most clearly different to avoid backlash. Now if the Nazis had known about DNA they might have used that as part of the definition. But as has been said if they included anyone with a trace of Jewish ancestry they would condemn most of the population of Europe.
I'm well aware of the Nazis "mischling" categories. If you read about it, though, they weren't strict about their definitions. If you were a partial Jew and had skills they approved of, you were probably fine. If not, you were in the "we'll get to you later" category, not the "you're A-OK" category. Plenty of people with the same amount of Jewish ancestry as me did end up in forced labour camps because of it, and plenty of those people died. Some did get sent directly to the death camps.