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Originally Posted by Ulfreida View Post
"Convenience" is such a perjorative word, as if modern people are incredibly lazy and soft compared to their forebears. But what I see and experience is not laziness, but technological/social changes which sweep everyone along willy nilly.

The cost of health care, the shame of the United States, drives many economic decisions these days. The reason many people are abandoning small towns and rural areas is because they are being driven out by economics, not because they are too lazy to make a go of it. Megacorporations have destroyed small farming, small businesses, and small towns, and there is almost nothing in government policies which mitigates this process (unlike in western Europe).

Another economic reality that shapes much of the social landscape in the modern era is the emancipation of women. There's a real case to be made that the single most significant modern invention is birth control. When women are not virtual slaves to men, and have no choice but to, unremunerated, bear children, raise children, and also care for the sick and elderly, an enormous, unprecedented shift happens. Not everything in that shift is of benefit to the general society, something that every conservative knows. We are still, I think, in the throes of it.
I did not mean "convenience" as a pejorative. Most of technological advances are designed to make things in life more convenient as well as more efficient and productive and I think that's a good thing.

That's an interesting point about disruption. Yes, one of the things that separates liberals from conservatives is that conservatives fear the consequences of change more than they appreciate the potential benefits while I think liberals are the other way around.