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Originally Posted by Fotheringay-Phipps View Post
If you look at the first link cited in the OP it says: "Rabbits don't naturally eat root vegetables/fruit", and I've seen numerous other cites saying essentially the same (e.g. here).
Yes, I looked at the link. I don't consider the RSPCA (or the Washington Post) to be an authoritative cite on rabbit diet and natural history. The extent to which the statement is true depends on how exactly you define "naturally." Rabbits don't "naturally" eat carrots because they don't occur in their "natural" habitat, although you could argue that vegetable farms are now part of their natural habitat. They (and other sites making such statements) are overstating the case in order to make a point, that people feed rabbits more carrots than they should.

A better, more authoritative source is be Animal Diversity Web:

Oryctolagus cuniculus is a generalized herbivore, eating a diverse diet of grasses, leaves, buds, tree bark, and roots. Gardeners know them to eat lettuce, cabbage, root vegetables, and grains.

Plant Foods: leaves; roots and tubers; wood, bark, or stems seeds, grains, and nuts fruit flowers
Bolding mine.

Apparently they do like them, but it's not a natural food for them.The thread was about the notion that carrots are a particular rabbit food. Sorry if this was unclear.
I'm just clarifying in what sense carrots aren't a "natural" rabbit food. They may be a favorite food even if it's not natural. It's not a myth that horses like sugar cubes, even though they're not a "natural" horse food.