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Originally Posted by Acsenray View Post
I've got three cell phones and several other forms of identification in my pocket--business cards, driver's license, employer's ID card. Are they all likely to be destroyed in an accident?

I don't really want to wear identification on my body. How likely is it that everyone in the world needs that?
So maybe you don't need one but a lot of people should have one. As I previously stated, anyone who lives alone should have one; does police a fat lotta good if they know your address but not how to get in touch with next of kin. How many of your neighbors or cow-orkers (other than by HR looking into the files) know how to get it touch with any relative that doesn't live with you?

However, since you asked, just for S&G let's try this scenario - you're in a ride share this evening, an accident causes that vehicle to go off a bridge where it becomes submerged in the river below. The water shorts out all three of your cell phones rendering them unusable. Your short flight drop & subsequent impact dislodges your wallet. When the car is pulled from the water, the angle of extraction & the receding waters lodge is squarely under the middle of the front seat where it is missed by investigating officers on their first time thru the car. As luck would have it, you happened to have one of your business cards in your shirt pocket & your employee ID is still clipped to your belt; however, since it's a holiday weekend there's no one to contact until next Tuesday. You were relatively close to home; only 9 miles away but that happens to be the jurisdiction of the next town/county/state so when concerned relatives call the police in your town all the dots aren't connected to the John Doe lying in the morgue right away.