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I sort of do by accident, because my Freedom Pass has my name and photo on it and I keep it on me at all times so that I don't forget it when I need it, but it's not official ID, really. I don't drive, and replacing a passport is expensive and inconvenient, so I don't carry that around.

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there's no such thing in the UK
There is the Validate UK card, but I've never known anyone who has one and I suspect most people haven't even heard of them. It's a lot cheaper than a passport, but can't be used for international travel, so most people just get a passport. I might actually get one when my passport expires.

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Is that just for citizens? I ask because I'm American and my son is attending university in the UK. As part of applying for his Tier 4 (student) visa, he had to get pictures and fingerprints taken at a US Homeland Security office which were transmitted to the UK and put on a Biometric Residency Permit (BRP), which he then had to pick up at a UK post office within 7 days of arrival. It's a plastic ID card about the size of a credit card/driver license. He needs this to reenter the country legally. He also needed it at his GP to prove he was eligible to access National Health Services.
He won't need to carry his ID on him at all times, even as a non-citizen.

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For anyone who doesn't take any ID with them, please start. Not for you, but for the healthcare workers who have to call someone and tell them you're unconscious in the emergency room. We're grateful our kid did after he was hit by a car.

Since I've been hit a few times commuting by bike, the wife often yells "Have a nice ride! Gotcher ID?"
The ID I have only has my name and age on, which wouldn't be much more useful than my debit card, which I do always have with me.

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The government doesn't mandate photo ID. It's just that you won't be able to do a lot of things without it, such as write a check, sign up for membership at places, rent or borrow things, purchase alcohol or tobacco products, enter a bar, enter certain secured buildings, board an airplane, purchase prescribed or otherwise controlled medications, etc.
I never write cheques - they're really rare in the UK. Most people don't even have chequebooks. Signing up for membership is not something that comes up often (I've done it once in person in the last few years - everything else is online), I've never needed ID to rent or borrow anything (I would if I were hiring a car - if I could drive - but for most people that's an unusual circumstance too), we don't need ID to enter a bar, I'm old enough to never get checked for ID when buying anything with an age restriction, and we don't need ID to collect prescriptions, even for opioids. The only time I've needed ID to enter a building, it was specific work ID they needed with a chip that allows you to open doors and get through turnstiles, operate lifts, etc, not general ID.

One other circumstance in the US where you might need ID is attending hospital appointments, and I have plenty of those, but they don't ask for ID either.

So needing ID rarely comes up.