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Well, it sounds like he has legal parental responsibility (it's automatic if you're named as the parent on the birth certificate), so legally she won't be able to stop him seeing his son without a really good reason. Hopefully she won't make something up and put her son (as well as her ex) through the trauma of that. Usually courts ask the parents to go through some mediation, and sometimes that does work.

How old is the son? Courts take the child's opinion into consideration too, to varying degrees depending on the child's age.

There are groups out there that can support him. Gingerbread might be a good first port of call - they mostly work with custodial parents, but they do work with non-custodial parents too, and would be able to point him in the right direction to find groups and lawyers that can help him. He should avoid Fathers 4 Justice because they're basically an insane men's rights group that isn't necessarily helpful, and would make him look bad when it comes to mediation or in a court.

Good luck to him. It can be disruptive to the child to only see their non-custodial parent sporadically, but there are ways of improving that, and it's better than not seeing a loving parent at all.