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US Government guidelines recommend a lower limit of 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity exercise, but they don't currently have an upper limit. A handful of studies have come out in the last few years ago that suggest that too much exercise may be bad for heart health, but still not as bad as being sedentary.

You can read one of the studies here. One of their figures compares all-cause mortality to the weekly amount of "physically strenuous and sweat-inducing activity" such as "cycling, speedy hiking, gardening, [or] sport." One caveat: They measured all-cause mortality and non-fatal cardiac events, but didn't try to measure things like (skeletal) muscle injury and joint damage. The authors found that anything between about 8 and 14 hours of such activity per week is associated with quite low mortality, but the sweet spot comes at about 11 hours per week. That happens to be just about the amount of walking the OP reports doing, but he doesn't say how strenuous his walking is.