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Originally Posted by Kamino Neko View Post
'Later' is quite explicitly not setting a timetable.

That's why it's 'later', not 'tonight', 'in an hour', 'before heading to bed' or whatever other specific (if broad) range.
In general this is true, but in the specific situation described in the OP I'm siding with Skald.

One meaning of "later" is "later in the day" or "later in the night," as in "10:30 pm is later than 9:30 pm." "8:00 the next morning" would in one sense be later still, but in another sense it would be much earlier. Because of the ambiguity, I would never say "later" when I meant "tomorrow."

It's context dependent: If I were watching a newscast, and the anchor said "More on that later," I would expect to hear more later within that newscast, not on some later day's news.

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