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My answer depends on the history of this world. You see, if she goes public and everyone has the ability to use this, then there is no chance that there is not evidence of time travel in the past. Even if everyone tries to be secretive about it, there would be an extremely high number of people using it, and some will slip up enough for it to wind up in recorded history. Not even a secret organization could keep it secret.

So, if there is no such evidence in history, then my conclusion is one of the following: (a) she will decide to not take it public (2) something will happen to her to keep her from going public (III) something happen to humanity to prevent it from being used too much. Of those options, option A seems the least bad, so I would encourage that, while sharing my logic.

If, on the other hand, there is sufficient evidence of time travel in the past, then it seems humanity is destined to learn about it, so she might as well go public. Though I could throw in a little test where I, like Hawking in our universe, set up a party where I invite time travelers after the fact to show up. Assuming I get the word out sufficiently, someone will eventually decide to show up. And then I can just ask them how time travel became public.