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Mooooooom, when my dad remodeled his bathroom ~25 years ago, I told him that a tall potty would be a good thing, given that he and Mom weren't getting younger and he was a tall guy. He did and never looked back. For dusting, you could enlist Roxy's help. Mom used to put a pair of old socks on our hands when we were kids and turn us loose to dust.

I'm glad Ariel is OK wet one. It was great of you all to pitch in to give Carlos and Gabriel a hand.

metal mouse, if you do decide to change carriers, you should be able to forward all of your emails for your current addy to another email address. I have several email addresses (irk, business and social) and that tells me immediately where the connection to someone is. As for the phone number, you may consider a cell and have both for a transition (living alone, this would give you more flexibility) before phasing the landline out.

{{{Emily}}} Today is a new day. You can start over.

butters, yay for hubby feeling well enough to go to the breakfast bunch.

The party last night was awesome. It was slated to end at 11, but when I left at 12, it was still swinging. The spiced nuts that I took were a hit (they go well with beer and people with the munchies). Today, I'll go to Kroger and likely Tar-jay, take Nelson to the dog park, prep for the breakfasts/lunches, and fix supper (Asian stuffed Napa cabbage and stir fried bok choy with garlic).

I have AT&T for internet and mobile (no cable or landline). I get TV over the air or streaming and it suits my needs. The Roku stick has a bunch of free stuff and the Prime and Netflix accounts are funneled through it. It may not be everybody's cup of tea, but for ~$135 a month, I have internet, TV and phone.