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Referring to those who take evidence-based positions on matters of science and health as being followers of religion or "cult worship" is both inaccurate and counterproductive.

I run into this a lot. A weekend editorial in the Wall St. Journal sneers at climate change "religion". Antivaxers claim that supporters of vaccination are part of a "religion" or "cult".

Adhering to facts and requiring evidence to support a proposition is the opposite of taking things on faith.

Getting off my soapbox now.
Originally Posted by Melbourne View Post
Some of the restaurants, like the one my housemate worked at, used to buy drums of the stuff, and throw handfuls of it into the product.
I'm trying to picture sinister Asians cackling as they throw "handfuls" of MSG into vats of chow mein, but having difficulty. Maybe I have trouble recognizing hyperbole.

It wouldn't surprise me if certain people experienced sensitivity of some kind (maybe not an "allergy") to food high in glutamates (for one thing, I suspect everything on earth can be a trigger for migraines, depending on the individual). It does appear from what we know now that the hoopla over "Chinese restaurant syndrome" and similar maladies alleged to be caused by MSG was vastly overblown.

Could be it's the soy sauce. Ever notice how dark and grungy the contents of those little packets get after indeterminate storage in your kitchen drawer?