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Originally Posted by TubaDiva View Post
The column has been updated with a note from the Mayo Clinic site, which states the following:

However, researchers have found no definitive evidence of a link between MSG and these symptoms. Researchers acknowledge, though, that a small percentage of people may have short-term reactions to MSG. Symptoms are usually mild and don't require treatment. The only way to prevent a reaction is to avoid foods containing MSG.

I've personally known people who were allergic to MSG -- mostly they seem to get pounding headaches -- and while I'm sure the percentage of people with true MSG sensitivities/allergies are few compared to the general population, they're out there for sure. Not all body chemistry is the same and there's probably someone allergic to most everything around us.

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But how can these people you know know it was MSG that set it off? Do they know that the restaurant used excessive (or any) MSG? Do they know some other ingredient didn't cause it? Or even just overeating? "I felt sick, therefore it was MSG", when it's been cited that the notion of MSG syndrome was MADE UP in the first place, is just not reasonable.

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