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Originally Posted by don't ask View Post
Yeah. It just seems odd that it was all in the public eye and no-one spotted the car. It may be just me but I would actively keep an eye out for a car mentioned in a missing persons report.

A couple of weeks ago I was driving around for a day or two with a plate number in my head that I knew the police were looking for.
The car is starting to bug me now. As I said earlier, if the police really had been looking all over for it, and not found it, they couldn't have been looking that hard, since it was parked close to Leaking Park. Another thing (although this could be nothing) is how Jay could be so sure that it was even still there. A nice car, parked in shady area of Baltimore for weeks? Sounds like it might at least be conceivable that someone would hot wire it and take off with it. But when the police asks Jay to take them there, he doesn't hesitate or say "well, if it's still there". It's just "yes, no problem". It sounds a bit like the cops told him "we're going to go to a location, and you'll point at a car".