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Originally Posted by Some Call Me... Tim View Post
My favorite 7NT anecdote:

Dealer bids 2NT, there's a pass, CHO says, "You're light, Sam." and bids 7NT.

Opponents (lacking humor) call over a tournament director, but at this point the only possible decision Sam could ever have to make in the rest of the bidding would be whether to redouble, and the opponents aren't doubling.

Sam did, in fact, open a 19 HCP hand as a 20-21 2NT, and with CHO's 21 HCP 7NT was cold. He later claimed his hand was particularly 'shapely' as an excuse for his 2NT overbid, and his embarrassment while making this lame excuse made the story much funnier when I heard it.

Yeah, go on and bar the 2NT opener from an auction that's already at 7NT. LOL.

Since nowadays one is expected to announce partner's NT point count range when it's opened, I guess Sam's partner could simply have said "20 to 21... (Ahem) or sometimes a good 19. APPARENTLY."

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