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Originally Posted by TexCat View Post
Most people here play X thru 4H as takeout. Is there some reason why you only play thru 4D?
Also, your partner's vulnerable preempt looks a little light to me, even with 7 diamonds. I only count 5 1/2 tricks. Plus, I hate to preempt with a good major holding and an unpassed partner. Too many times you end up missing a major suit game. Although they do say it's a bidder's game.

We both tend to overbid on distribution. Sometimes it backfires. But there had been a hand earlier where we failed to make the sacrifice bid on shape, so that may have been the catalyst.

I don't know where we got the "thru 4 diamonds" takeout double. Always been on our card. We should probably think it out and change to 4H.