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Originally Posted by Biotop View Post
The bidding went:

E: 1C
S (me): 1H
W: 1S
N: Pass
E: 3S
S: 4H
W: 4S
With 4 card support, I think partner(N) should have bid 3H. I play that jump as preemptive. A cue bid of 2S or 2C would show values.

Originally Posted by Dead Cat View Post
Had opener's partner bid (say) 1S, your partner passed, and opener bid 2H, would your system then allow you to double for penalties? I would normally play that the first (non-pass) bid by a partnership is always double for take-out, but in this particular case I think it would be obvious (if partner is paying attention) that the double must be for penalties, as if for take-out you would have done it the first time. On the other hand, the double might alert the opponents to where all the values are, which could help them in the play. What do you think?

I realise I am in way over my head in terms of expertise in this thread, but if any kind soul would care to briefly critique my earlier post, I'd be very grateful.
I think a double here: 1H-P-1S-P-2H-X would show a hand like
A good hand that couldn't double 1H for takeout because of not having spades.