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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
I don't think it was anti-Semitic. If Omar's criticisms are valid, then they are valid even if other people are making the same criticisms for bigoted reasons. I don't think they are valid, but that is not currently the question.

I don't think it was wrong to accuse Jonathan Pollard of divided loyalties, because other people have accused other people of having divided loyalties. Some people do have divided loyalties, others don't - one needs to figure it out in each case, on its own, and not just rule it out ab initio.

Pollard was convicted of espionage -- I think it's safe to say that anyone who's spying on their own country probably has "divided loyalties", to say the least. (If they have any kind of loyalty to begin with, except to himself)

Originally Posted by BobLibDem View Post
Would it have been anti-Semitic if "all about the Benjamins" had been in reference to Congressmen taking cash from the NRA? If not, then why is pointing out the financial allegiance to the Israeli lobby offensive when pointing out the financial allegiance to other lobbies is not?

My two cents: if this had been a WASP making these comments, nobody would have gotten the vapors over it. But some want to use this to drum up anti-Muslim bigotry.
Except that WASPs DO say stuff like that, all the time. And if they're not getting shit about it, then they should.

You really think the "Jews manipulate people with money!" is a new thing?

There's nothing wrong with criticism of Israel. It IS wrong to assume that all Jews somehow have a connection to Israel, or that they MUST share their opinion on Israel, before you take them seriously.

It's not because she's a Muslim, or from the Middle East. It's because there's a LONG history of this kind of thing, accusing Jews of being greedy, of disloyalty, etc. It's like saying, "well, I didn't MEAN to be racist when I said that black guy looked like a monkey! It wasn't talking about ALL black people!"

Context matters.