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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
Well what about now? Is Israel claiming sovereignty over seized property for the purposes of survival, or is it something else? A lot of countries can do a lot of awful things in the name of national security - I won't single Israel out here, considering we've been a pretty habitual offender as of late. But I don't buy that Israel or that Zionists have behaved strictly out of fear for their own survival. And as claro pointed out earlier, they pretty soon realized that they weren't "safe" in Palestine either.

I understand that the history of Israel is complicated, and yes, I admit, I have said some harsh things that could have been phrased more delicately. But one problem that I see is that people always feel this pressure to tiptoe around Israel and the political activism that inspired it, and as I linked to already, there are activists now who want to punish American citizens for their counter-activism against Israel, which is total bullshit. So I sometimes speak harshly out of concern that by tiptoeing around these issues we encourage Israeli activists to continue hijacking foreign policy in the name of "keeping Israel safe". FFS, Israel is a dominant military and technological power. They don't need America to keep them safe anymore.
Now is different, and I have no issue with this reasonable criticism (aside from the pointless shot at Zionism).
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