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What I have an issue with is the constant whitewashing of Israel's history, as if it was uniquely exempt of all criticism on this basis.
Israel is not uniquely exempt from criticism on that basis. The issue I have is that Israel is uniquely singled out for criticism on this basis. Israel should at least be as exempt from it as other countries are.

Did I suggest to rewind anything?
Not explicitly, but it's the logical conclusion of the argument that the only legitimate permission for settlement is the natives of a land rather than the current government controlling the land.

And I didn't follow this reasoning. I simply asserted that Israel isn't a pure lamb born from a virgin, a concept that a lot of people have an issue with. (snipped)... because admitting that the Arabs have been wronged and that there's an original sin in the history of Israel...
There's no "original sin" in the history of Israel that is not also present in the history of a host of other nations - possibly even the overwhelming majority of them - which are not similarly accused.

Quote: tantamount to admit that Palestinians might have a point, and aren't just bloodthirsty simpletons who never had any good reason to complain about anything, which they'd rather have everybody believe.
And that would depend entirely on what the "point" one is admitting that the Palestinians "might have." If that point is that the inherent illegitimacy of the presence of large numbers of Jews in what is now the state of Israel means that Israel needs to make reparations, with no pre-conditions, to a quasi-national entity that has shown it only belligerent intent, then I'd say that Israel's refusal to do so is not something they have good reason to complain about.