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Originally Posted by TriPolar View Post
Like others I want a tiny bit of the car showing. Otherwise I have no idea if it's properly aligned or not, and if not then no idea how close what I see is to my car.
If you're used to the "wide" setting of the mirrors, you figure out how to align them pretty easily as well and can tell if they're misaligned or not. Look at all three mirrors from left to right. Do you see redundant information in them or not? If so, they're not set wide enough. If you don't see redundant information, do you see a gap, so they might be set too wide?

I use my mirrors a lot, so it's pretty clear when there's an alignment issue. I want it so when I see one headlight on a car to the left or the right of me in my rearview mirror, I only want to see the other headlight in the side mirror. That said, it's pretty obvious when the mirrors have been changed, as the only time it happens is when somebody else has been driving the car, and that's pretty easy to see as I see the side of the car in the mirror. It's not like the mirrors get randomly bumped and misaligned or anything.